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Dynamic Data Management for CMS: Dynamo version 2.1.0 released
Added by Yutaro Iiyama 13 days ago

Dynamic Data Management for CMS: Dynamo version 2.0.0 released
Dynamo v2 "server mode" is successfully commissioned and was started on the new R740 machine (renamed t3serv012.mit.edu/dynamo.mit.edu)
Added by Yutaro Iiyama 4 months ago

Dynamic Data Management for CMS: Production version v1.9.5
Added by Yutaro Iiyama 8 months ago

Dynamic Data Management for CMS: Production version v1.8.0
Release 1.8 was deployed on March 30. Major upgrade item is the creation of Registry and the restructuring of Dealer.
Added by Yutaro Iiyama about 1 year ago

General CMS/MIT News: Tier-2 Outage after Blizzard Stella
Tree snapped the fibre
Added by Christoph Paus about 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • Enforcer (03/29/2018 05:40 PM)

    To ensure that all dynamo policies are met, in particular, the ones which require additional subscriptions we have an enforcer running.

    As an example: if we decide that we want to have at least 1 copy of each MINIAOD* dataset available in the US, and this criterion is not met it will never be met unless we explicitely enforce this policy making additional subscriptions. For many other policies it is enough to rely on them being applied at the deletion phase (detox). ...

  • Inventory Server (03/29/2018 12:14 PM)

    The inventory server in Dynamo is responsible to keep the full inventory information in memory and manage the access to it and make sure a up-to-date copy in the mysql database is ensured.

  • Moving Tier-2 to IPV6 (03/07/2018 01:53 PM)

    After a discussion with Mark Silis, we decided that moving the HPRCF at Bates to IPv6 during the summer. The Exact time frame is mid-July to end of August.

    First, we will move a selection of machines to prove the feasibility than we will move the entire center....

  • File Operation Daemon (12/12/2017 08:38 PM)

    The file operation daemon in dynamo is responsible to oversee all requested file operations by Detox, Dealer, Site Consistency etc.

  • Agent Activities (06/08/2017 12:09 PM)

    Document the activities on the production agents. this is not about the software but the operation of the agents.