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Dynamic Data Management for CMS: Production version v1.8.0
Release 1.8 was deployed on March 30. Major upgrade item is the creation of Registry and the restructuring of Dealer.
Added by Yutaro Iiyama about 1 month ago

General CMS/MIT News: Tier-2 Outage after Blizzard Stella
Tree snapped the fibre
Added by Christoph Paus 2 months ago

General CMS/MIT News: GuiDO needed reboot
Email was stuck, fixed
Added by Christoph Paus 3 months ago

General CMS/MIT News: Successful Defense: Doctor Aram Apyan
Aram has finished his stint at MIT. He did a great job and we are wishing him all the best for the future.
Added by Christoph Paus 6 months ago

General CMS/MIT News: MIT folks make a splash at the US LUA Meeting
MIT all over the USLUA Landscape
Added by Christoph Paus 7 months ago

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